The story of how it all began is a long one, so I’ll just direct you to the version that got so much attention: CNN

After that, the story continued. A marriage, another year on the road, another trek to all 50 states. The addition of my brother and a camper, another dog and a cat… A gypsy caravan of trucks and cars and a community on wheels. Then a divorce, a new romance, and now the journey has morphed again, into something like farming. But it’s still my life, it’s still my story. And it might not have anything to do with 50 states in 50 weeks these days, but that one road trip transformed me completely.
When my little family was on the road in 2010, 2011,and 2012, we had no concrete way of earning income. I used this website to tell stories from the road, and trusted that the universe, the people in it, and the God in everything would meet our needs. It worked! We lived in our vehicles, ate whatever free food we could find, barely showered or changed our clothes, and gave our hearts out. We had so many iin-kind donations for our houseless friends that we gave away over 20,000 dollars in monetary contributions and distributed thousands and thousands of items; recycled clothing and unused hygiene products, as well as food and random necessities, in every major city and lots of small towns across all fifty states in America.
But in 2013, we moved onto a Bee Farm in Socorro New Mexico. While I still work here and learn about animal husbandry, gardening, beekeeping and other sustainable solutions to issues like poverty and homelessness, I’m also hoping to get all my photos from The Road published on the web. There are thousands of them. Take a look under the tab marked “Shay’s Photos” and tell me what you think. I’m also planning to consolidate some of the short stories on this website into a downloadable PDF or a book, although I’m working on another, longer story that is a more accurate reflection of what I learned along the way. I continue to volunteer with the local homeless shelter and the nearby food pantry, and do my best to be of assistance to the other houseless folks who are now living and working in this place that I’m calling home. What began as a “Project” in 2010 has turned into my way of life. It’s happiness…
To support myself and my insatiable charity habit, I sell honey on the farm and at craft shows across the southwest. We also do mail orders, so if you have a sweet tooth and you need a honey fix, give us a call at the farm.
I also sell prints of the photos posted on my Flickr Site, so if something catches your eye, feel free to contact me. And stop by the farm any time you’re around. I’d love to show you what we’re doing.
I still love to visit other places and talk to other folks who are innovating and working toward solutions to human problems with Love in mind. So please get in touch with me through my email address if you’re a like minded soul.
Much Love,

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