Q & A

There isn’t too much information that can’t be found on the other pages of this website, but we figured we would make it easy.

Question: How do you pay for this?

Answer: We don’t know. Grace. Hundreds of people have given us 5 and 10 dollars at a time, and that gets us from one state to the next. Many of our homeless friends have even demanded that we accept their donations.

Question: What about extra expenses?

Answer: The Project is a 501c3 nonprofit, and this year, our phone bill and truck insurance were donated by awesome people before we left. Beyond that we have no money. This is an exercise in faith. Neither of us have medical insurance, but Zuzu has enough heart worm preventative to last the year. If something else comes up, like issues with Jethro… we pray.

Question: How do you eat?

Answer: We collect food for donation. We do food drives. And we volunteer in community kitchens. We consider it ‘working for our food’.

Question: Where do you sleep?

Answer: We sleep in the truck. We used to be paranoid about where to park, until we learned where we could go & not be bothered.

Question: How do you take showers?

Answer: Nice people let us stay with them for a night here and there, when we aren’t working until 4 am. We usually get to shower about once a week, but sometimes we have to go a lot longer than that… We learned how to feel clean and stay healthy in severe circumstances.

Question: How do you get online?

Answer: We have a laptop, and a cell phone. Both have wireless capacity. There are many restaurants that will let us use their wireless even when we don’t make a purchase.

Question: What was the hardest thing to get used to?

Answer: Learning to work with what we’ve got. The day to day tasks have become a time-consuming challenge. Hygiene is no longer a priority, it’s a luxury. Public restrooms are the primary source of ‘privacy’. Life is lived on the other side of a windsheild. Work is undefined and occurs even in the middle of the night, sleeping is never sound. There is no television and very little media influence, and consumerism is a dead ideology. Waste not…

Question: What is your favorite state?

Answer: Shay has been to all 50, and she has them categorized by scenery, nice people, and human services. Ultimately, each state has its own unique qualities that make it awesome. You’ll start to see what she means if you read her blogs.

Question: Which state has the most severe homeless issues?

Answer: Homelessness and poverty are everywhere. The difference is in the way that the community responds to it. Big, urban areas have issues that are in your face when you walk down the street. Just because the rural communities have poverty down dirt roads in the middle of nowhere, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. We will discuss this furthur in our blogs.

Question: Are you going to publish your stories and images into a book?

Answer: Yes. As soon as we find a publisher. All the proceeds will go to providing food, clothing and hygiene products to people in need around the country. We give like we’re dying…

Question: How do you collect all this stuff?

Answer: We host food and clothing drives. This means that we knock on doors, we stand in front of grocery stores, we hold signs. We beg for others. We use social media, like twitter and facebook, to connect the people with the resources to the people who need them. Networking is key…

Question: How do you decide who to give to?

Answer: If we have, we give… and we make donations to both organizations and individuals in need. We are actively seeking opportunities to give, rather than simply responding to a request. We want to fill up the 8 foot bed of the truck and empty it at least once a week. We believe in giving without judgement or stipulation, for the sake of love and generosity. We give without strings attached, and we do it daily.

Question: Why don’t you guys get real jobs and settle down somewhere?

Answer: “Find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life” -Confucius. We don’t mind working hard without the fat paycheck, because all we really want is to BE love… and we love it.

Fun Facts About US

Shay likes all things sparkly, the color purple and sharpie markers. She has an irrational fear of sea monsters.

Shane can fix anything with a zip tie and duct tape. He puts hot sauce on everything and listens to the Beatles.

We both like pizza and mexican food, work well under pressure and love the open road.

Zuzu likes anything that we like, loves to go swimming and refuses to fetch.

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