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In America we’re experiencing an epidemic of being unloved, unwanted, uncared for, neglected and ignored. Even in a nation known for abundance, we have millions of people deprived of basic necessities. There is no more time for apathy. Today you’ll make a choice.

In the midst of our daily efforts to minimize the damage done by poverty (through the collection and distribution of necessary items) we have discovered thousands of avenues for good, and we use networking tools and community support to encourage others to achieve their dreams of social change.

For the third consecutive year, three people are voluntarily houseless in an effort to help others. We live in a truck that keeps us humble, and we travel to all 50 states in 50 weeks, testing the knowledge that faith works, and experiencing the truth; that we get what we give.

This year, the project will collectively contribute 6,000 hours of volunteer time to a variety of tasks.

Our work includes:

Labor for local organizations in each state we visit.

Door to door food drives.

Handyman and mechanic services.

Donation deliveries.

Our trucks will provide a mobile clothing closet, food pantry, barber shop, soup kitchen, pet food pantry and library for houseless Americans that have fallen through the cracks of the traditional system.

Street Outreach and the Happy Feet project will distribute another 10,000 pairs of socks.

Research and Special Projects. (home improvements, yard work, portraiture, disaster relief, transportation services)

Consultation and Public Speaking

Website design, Record Keeping, Networking, Storytelling

Three homeless people will demonstrate that we don’t need much to make a big difference.

The objective in 2012 is for 3 houseless people to give away 6,000 volunteer hours by the end of the Project year, LOVE the unloved, discover and connect a nation of people who LOVE to give and get involved, and grow into better versions of ourselves.

We collect things by any method that we can think of. Project 50/50 began as a door to door effort in neighborhoods across America, and that element of collection is still present in the Project today. We utilize social media connections through Facebook and Twitter to encourage individuals that host food or clothing drives in their local communities. We ask for organizations to get involved, like schools and churches, and we are always looking for new and creative ways to involve everyone in this national effort to help each other succeed.

We are determined to do the most good with what we’ve got, and our passion is in searching for the people who have fallen through the cracks of the traditional system. We Love to give our gifts directly to the people who desperately need them, and we often construct food packs and hygiene kits to give to individuals in need. We’ve been blessed with camping equipment to offer those who are living under bridges and in campsites, and most of our clothing is given away in parking lots and on the streets. We have a history of visiting organizations in each state that alleviate the strain of poverty, and we join their efforts in whatever way we can. We often volunteer time and energy as well as offer them anything we have that may be useful to the cause.

On the pages of this website you will read stories about the people that we’ve met and the situations we encounter as we travel across the country.

You will learn more about the gifts we give in the process of making friends and spreading hope.

And when you are ready to make that choice, explore the ways that you can get involved.

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